A black and white version of the SPNN logo with play head with Youth spelled out in the SPNN colors using a person for the Y, a mouth for the O, a filmstrip for the U, and mic and stand for the T, and two buildings with a skyway for the H

SPNN Youth Programs provides BIPOC and LGBTQIA young people with the opportunity to create community media with a lasting impact. Through our fun and engaging programs, youth develop skills in media production, social entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and community awareness. We are a place for creative exploration and diverse voices, for artistic vision and award-winning quality. As an alternative to mainstream media, we work to increase youth media visibility on our channels, on the web, and in the community. We believe in the power of youth media to stimulate dialogue and create social change!

The Youth Action Committee (YAC) is a youth leadership group that has a long history at SPNN hosting events, teaching workshops, and creating media with a focus on LGBTQIA issues and social and racial justice. The YAC program is currently on hiatus while SPNN staff seek input from youth and the community about the type of media focused leadership program that is needed. Look for an update and report back in the Fall of 2021.

Here are some past YAC projects:
Munchies, Music, and Movies
 MMM Highlights 2018  and MMM Highlights 2017
Friends and Family Night 2018 Character Animation
YAC Voting PSA
YAC Mannequin Challenge

Getting "there". The challenge of getting to SPNN. A video made to try to get a bus stop put in closer to SPNN. And it worked.
Save As: An SPNN Youth Alumni Story


Make your own movie! Create an animation! Explore photography, graphic design, or music production! Createch SPNN is an open, drop-in media space where staff and mentors support youth in producing their own independent creative media projects. Our media lab is for youth to work on any media project they can dream up and offers access to a wide range of video, photo, and music equipment and software. We welcome youth ages 11-19 and all skill levels! Createch SPNN is part of the larger Createch initiative, which provides creative spaces and opportunities for youth at sites around Saint Paul. Find out more here


Media Active
Media Active is a job training, skills development, and youth entrepreneurship program in which youth and young adults (ages 12 - 24) are paid a stipend to create media content (such as film/videos, photography, and animations) for non-profits, schools, governmental agencies, and arts organizations. Media Active youth bring their unique vantage point to the creation of these projects, infusing each one with a distinct youth-centric perspective. Media Active is especially situated to help social justice organizations tell their stories with crew and staff that have extensive experience working with BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities. Find out more here.