Member Resources and Quick Links

Welcome, CTEP AmeriCorps members!

Here you will find quick access to links that you will use regularly throughout your service year. Some of these links are available to the public, while others are password protected and for CTEP members only. 

Member Handbook
This is your introduction to CTEP AmeriCorps and essential information for your year of service, including how to count hours for member activities, CTEP policies and procedures.


2023-2024 Program Calendar

Member Resource Guide
Includes resources for making it through the year. We encourage you to reference this often.


Getting Hours for Member Activities

Activites on and off-site that members can count towards their service hours.


The Corps Network Healthcare Plan

Video overview of the Corps Network healthcare plan for members 2023

As part of the SPNN network, all CTEP members are assigned an Gmail account for communication with program staff, fellow AmeriCorps members, and clients. Members may also be assigned an email through their host site.

OnCorps Timesheet System
Enter your hours here, biweekly. You can also track your hours throughout your service year under the time tracking tab.

CTEP Member and Partner Resources
Links to specific explainer documents and important service forms for members and supervisors.

Resource Repository
A Google Drive folder featuring past curriculum, past training day materials, logos for promotional materials and more.

My AmeriCorps
The national website for AmeriCorps members where you can enroll in AmeriCorps and access your education award post-service.

Mental Health Resources
Links to information on how to access mental health care locally.