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Position Descriptions

Upcoming Term of Service: starts Sept 3, 2019 and completes Aug 31, 2020.  All positions are full-time. Members serve an average of 37 hours a week, mostly Monday through Friday although some positions may require weekend or evening hours. See site listings for specific requirements. .

Benefits: All members receive:

  • A Segal education award of up to $6,095 (upon successful completion).
  • A living allowance of approximately $1000 a month.
  • Payment of federal student loan interest if you put your payments on hold during your year in CTEP (upon successful completion).
  • A head start on the Public Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program—if you choose to enroll—which has a potential to save you thousands/tens of thousands of dollars on student loans.
  • A personal and professional network through our intensive professional development program which meets twice a month with local change makers and non-profit professionals.
  • Health and dental insurance options
  • Child care assistance (depending on qualifications).
  • A partnership with our local YMCA network which offers free enrollment, heavily discounted membership, and other benefits.
  • Additionally, as a CTEP member you may qualify for state assistance programs such as food assistance of up to $200/month; Transit Assistance Program ($1 bus fares); and Energy Assistance programs which can save you up to $300 over winter months.   

Position: CTEP members teach technology literacy skills to adults or youth as they relate to obtaining employment and improving civic and social opportunities. Members serve in community technology centers which are located within nonprofit organizations, public housing facilities, and libraries. They teach specific software skills, such as how to use the internet, word processing, email, and teach workforce readiness classes geared towards English language learners using interactive software. (Review the general position description here) .

To review partner agencies where you could serve, click on the agency name in the table below. Also, use the Google Map to explore CTEP site locations.  Blue markers indicate open positions, and red markers indicate closed positions.  The green marker is the CTEP main office where first interviews are conducted.

View Larger Map .

The table below represents the most accurate way of knowing which CTEP positions are still open and which have closed.  As positions are open on a first-come first-serve basis, this table is updated daily as positions close with other applicants.   

The site takes a longer time for changes to take affect, so a position may appear available on that site, but in reality is closed, as shown on the graph below.

Click on the name of the organization below to review the position




Interfaith Outreach 1605 Hwy 101, Plymouth Available Now!
Metro South Adult Basic Education 2575 West 88th, Bloomington Available Now!
Project for Pride in Living (Resident Services) 1035 E. Franklin, Minneapolis Available Now!
Ramsey County Library- Maplewood 3025 Southlawn, Maplewood Available Now!
Ramsey County Library -Roseville 2180 Hamline, Roseville Available Now!
Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (Community Media) 550 Vandalia, Saint Paul Available Now!

Sites below have already filled with other Candidates

Adult Education Center- Columbia Heights Fridley 4111 Central Ave, Minneapolis Filled
Adult Options in Education 1001 Highway 7, Hopkins, MN Filled
Brian Coyle Center- Teen Tech Center 420 S 15th Ave, Minneapolis Filled
CTV North Suburbs (Youth Media) 2670 Aurthur, Roseville Filled
Film North (Youth Media) 550 Vandalia, Saint Paul Filled  
Guadalupe Alternative Programs Middle School 381 E. Robie, Saint Paul Filled  
Guadalupe Alternative Programs High School 381 E. Robie, Saint Paul Filled
HIRED- Midway/Eastside 1821 University Ave, Saint Paul Filled
HIRED- North Loop 217 Fifth Avenue North, Minneapolis Filled
Hmong American Partnership 394 University Ave, Saint Paul Filled  
Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning 1030 University W, Saint Paul Filled  
Metropolitan State University Library 700 E 7th Street, Saint Paul Filled  
Minneapolis Central Library 300 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis Filled  
Neighborhood House- Adult Position 179 Robie Street E, Saint Paul Filled
PCs for People 1481 Marshall, Saint Paul Filled  
Project for Pride in Living (Learning Center) 1925 Chicago, Minneapolis Filled  
Ramsey County Library- Shoreview 4560 North Victoria Street, Shoreview Filled  
Ramsey County WorkForce Development Center 2266 2nd Street N, North Saint Paul Filled
Saint Paul Public Library - Arlington Hills (Adult) 1200 Payne, Saint Paul Filled
Saint Paul Public Library- Arlington Hills (Youth) 1200 Payne, Saint Paul Filled  
Saint Paul Public Library - Central 90 4th St W, Saint Paul Filled  
Saint Paul Public Library- Rice Street 1011 Rice Street, Saint Paul Filled  
Saint Paul Public Library - Rondo 461 N. Dale, Saint Paul Filled  
Saint Paul Public Library - Sun Ray 2105 Wilson Ave, Saint Paul Filled  
Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (Youth Media) 550 Vandalia, Saint Paul Filled  
Science Museum of Minnesota 120 W. Kellogg, Saint Paul Filled