SPNN Venue Rental

SPNN is a community media center that serves the Twin Cities metro area. We rent our studio, classrooms, gallery, and kitchen area out to Non-profits, community groups and organizations, and for commercial shoots. Our space is not available for personal or family events like weddings, birthday parties, etc. If you would like more information please email Steve at brunsberg@spnn.org.

  • SPNN studio with small stage and rows of chairs


    Dimensions: 40 x 60a
    Square feet: 2400
    Capacity: 160 people, with various room set-ups available. 

  • class room with 5 high chairs, TV monitor and three rows of chairs.


    Dimensions: 20 x 40
    Square Feet: 800
    Capacity: 49 people, with various room set-ups available

  • black and white photo in the galley of SPNN. The shot is of a runway model walking down the hallway with people sitting on both sides. Her dress is the only thing in color and it is red.

    Request for Space

    Please e-mail this completed form to brunsberg@spnn.org

We can set the studio with rounds or rectangles tables for eating, meetings, or discussions. We can set 160 chairs in theater style for a screening or presenters. 

a shot of the studio with rectangle tables with people on both sides having conversation