SPNN Venue Rental

SPNN is a community media center that serves the Twin Cities metro area. We rent our studio, classrooms, gallery, and kitchen area out to Non-profits, community groups and organizations, and for commercial shoots. Fill out this form and email it to Bianca Rhodes. 

Venue Rental Form

  • SPNN studio with small stage and rows of chairs


    Dimensions: 40 x 60a
    Square feet: 2400
    Capacity: 160 people, with various room set-ups available. 

  • class room with 5 high chairs, TV monitor and three rows of chairs.


    Dimensions: 20 x 40
    Square Feet: 800
    Capacity: 49 people, with various room set-ups available

  • black and white photo in the galley of SPNN. The shot is of a runway model walking down the hallway with people sitting on both sides. Her dress is the only thing in color and it is red.

    Request for Space

    Please e-mail this completed form to rhodes@spnn.org

We can set the studio with rounds or rectangles tables for eating, meetings, or discussions. We can set 160 chairs in theater style for a screening or presenters. 

a shot of the studio with rectangle tables with people on both sides having conversation