young girl running a camera with another girl sitting at a table with her head down. A graphic of Createch SPNN laid over the photo.

SPNN Createch

SPNN Youth Programs provides BIPOC and LGBTQIA young people with the opportunity to create community media with a lasting impact. Through our fun and engaging programs, youth develop skills in media production, social entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and community awareness. We are a place for creative exploration and diverse voices, for artistic vision and award-winning quality. As an alternative to mainstream media, we work to increase youth media visibility on our channels, on the web, and in the community. We believe in the power of youth media to stimulate dialogue and create social change!

Make your own movie! Create an animation! Explore photography, graphic design, or music production! Createch SPNN is an open, drop-in media space where staff and mentors support youth in producing their own independent creative media projects. Our media lab is for youth to work on any media project they can dream up and offers access to a wide range of video, photo, and music equipment and software. We welcome youth ages 11-19 and all skill levels! Createch SPNN is part of the larger Createch initiative, which provides creative spaces and opportunities for youth at sites around Saint Paul.

This drop in space is open for any youth Wednesdays from 3:30-6:30. Reach out to Mai to let us know you are planning to attend!