Statement of Compliance and Responsibilities

I/we affirm that the program and all related and/or underlying works of authorship I am using and presenting for playback and/or transmission on the selected channel(s), and storage on SPNN media , as applicable:

  1. is not obscene, defamatory, nor an invasion of privacy or publicity right;
  2. is not a violation of applicable local, state or federal laws or regulations, or an unauthorized use of copyright material trademarked and/or patented;
  3. is not for commercial or profit-making purposes, and contains no commercial
  4. is cablecasted, transmitted, displayed, downloaded, webcasted and/or podcasted with all the necessary permissions  and authorizations obtained from persons/organizations appearing in the program or owning intellectual property appearing in the program

I/We accept complete and sole responsibility for all claims, damages, expenses, fees, losses, deaths and injuries arising out of the cablecasting, transmission, display, downloading, webcasting and/or podcasting of this program, which I am/we are presenting. I/We agree to indemnify and hold harmless St. Paul Neighborhood Network, its directors, officers, and staff against any such claims, damages, expenses, fees, losses, deaths, and injuries arising out of the program I am/we are presenting, or any breach of this statement of compliance. I/We have read the terms and conditions on the back of this form, and am/are familiar with their contents, and I/we agree to comply with them at all times.