Internships at SPNN

SPNN improves community social, civic, and economic equity via the transformative art of media making and 21st century skill-building. Our mission is: to empower people to use media and communications to better lives, use authentic voice, and build common understanding. SPNN’s core areas—Adult and Youth media education, CTEP, and Production—help disadvantaged populations grow artistically, build confidence, and equip adult and young learners with the 21st century skills they need to be successful in the workforce or the growing makers economy. 

SPNN offers a continuum of opportunities for people to connect, build skills and share their stories to achieve greater equity and justice. No matter where an intern is placed there are opportunities for them to create media. Please fill out an application.


Qualifications for Internship
You must be attending a higher education institution. Preference is given to candidates who are receiving credit for their internship or who are doing their internship through an academic program.

SPNN does not have any paid internships, but collaborates directly with university programs. We currently collaborate with Macalester and The Saint Paul Right Track program. The deadline to apply for Right Track is the end of February. More details can be found here. For Right Track you need to live in Saint Paul and be under 21. 

If your school offers paid internship opportunities and you'd like to intern at SPNN, please let us know so we can connect with your school. 

Available Internships at SPNN- We are accepting interns for the summer. 

Production: As a member of the production team interns are able to work on:

  • Pre-production: arranging for guests, coordinating crew, scheduling of facilities and gear.
  • Production: shoots in the studio, with the mobile truck, and field productions.
  • Post production: creating titles and graphics for shows, creating smaller pieces to use for promotion on social media.

Programs: As a member of the program team interns assist the community, both youth and adults, with learning media creation skills. 

  • Teaching/mentoring: Assist with classes, work one-on-one with youth and adults in drop in settings, mentor youth and adults. 
  • Production/post production: Create video profiles and write blogs about program participants, create technical "how to" videos on equipment and astetics of video production. 
  • Promotion: use social media, the website, and blogs to promote the work of SPNN and our participants. 

Administrative: As a member of the administrative team interns assist with the behind the scenes work that makes the organization function. 

  • Human resources: recruiting, filing, data entry, program scheduling.
  • Marketing: blogs, social media, creating flyers, etc. 
  • Event planning: planning events and fundraisers. 

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