Partner AgencyHIRED
Location(s): 217 North 5th Avenue, Third Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Site Supervisor:  Teresa Litfin-Wertz, Project Manager, Hennepin County Diversionary Work Program

Note: this position offers a $50/month travel subsidy, that is provided in addition to the standard AmeriCorps benefits.

CTEP Program Description

The AmeriCorps Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) bridges the “digital divide” for new Immigrants and low-income communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Join AmeriCorps CTEP and help make the information age accessible to all.  CTEP is a project of Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN).

Site History and Mission

Hired's mission is to nurture purpose and advance economic opportunity for all through individualized employment and career services. Our goal is to bridge the economic divide by offering services that meet personal and financial needs, and help people to transition from public assistance into a job with career laddering opportunities and family sustainable wages.

Hired achieves its goal by:

  • Helping people remove barriers to employment

  • Preparing workers for sustainable employment through educational support, technical and job readiness training, and skill development programs

  • Connecting jobseekers to employment opportunities with the guidance of dedicated employment counselors

  • Collaborating with the business community to align labor market needs with jobseeker skills

Job seekers differ in their financial, educational, personal, and family needs, so Hired offers a variety of specialized employment and training initiatives, which include Adult Workforce Development Programs, Dislocated Worker Programs, Sector-Based Job Training Programs, Welfare-to-Work Programs, and Youth Programs. These programs focus on providing one-to-one employment counseling and job training assistance to help connect people to stable career pathways, and during our last fiscal year, nearly 7,000 people received employment assistance.

Hired’s Training, Education and Placement (TEP) team focuses on individual and group soft skill and hard skill job readiness training. The TEP team helps individuals prepare for our Career Pathway Job Training Programs as well as other internal and external training workshops. Some of the career sectors include health care, manufacturing, construction, safety/dispatch, transportation and administrative careers. These programs aid low income and disadvantaged individuals to move into high-growth industry sectors with self-sustaining wages.

The TEP team is delivering training on a virtual platform and working with participants to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to be successful in this format.

Preferred Site Schedule for Member

The expected weekly schedule of this position will total approximately 35 hours per week throughout the duration of the year. Some flexibility with scheduling is possible.

In addition, members attend professional development days with their fellow CTEP members to enhance service-readiness skills, personal attributes at the service site, and citizenship skills.  These Corps days take place twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Fridays from 9 AM to 4 PM, and these trainings are mandatory.  Members also attend statewide AmeriCorps events, such as the Martin Luther King Day celebration, and/or serve on the statewide InterCorps Council.

Specific Site Responsibilities

The member will serve in a training, coaching, and proctoring role within Hired’s Training, Education, and Placement team at Hired's Brooklyn Park office for low-income adults. The essential functions of the member include assessment both technological and skill, instructional development, assist with virtual training platforms and delivery of training, classroom management, and digital literacy instruction/assistance 1:1 with participants. Further description is as follows:

Outreach and Recruitment

  • Recruit class participants from appropriate sources for class sessions

  • Participate in development of recruiting and training materials

  • Assist with enrollment procedures


  • Conduct technology assessments with individuals to determine needs and access for training and education program(s)

  • Administer appropriate assessment and screening tools per program requirements or guidelines

  • Proctor NorthStar Digital Literacy modules

 Delivery of Training

  • Under supervision of Project Manager adapt curriculum and/or daily lesson plans to meet the needs of program participants, delivering materials in a meaningful way

  • Maintain learning progress to ensure all topics are covered within the class timeframe

  • Adapt teaching style/techniques to accommodate individual learning needs or situations

  • Assist participants to define and achieve appropriate occupational goals

 Classroom Management

  • Maintain a safe, positive, rigorous classroom learning environment

  • Create an environment of respect and rapport with and between participants

  • Establish a culture for learning

 To fulfill the objective of this role, the Member will need the following skills and abilities:

  • Skill in written and oral communication

  • Proficiency with website and social media tools

  • Ability to develop training modules in a virtual setting

  • Ability to work effectively with others and independently as a self-starter

  • Skill in teaching/coaching techniques

  • Efficient organizational and planning skills

  • Effective time management and ability to prioritize work

  • Ability and willingness to respond constructively to rapid change

  • Ability to lead by example and to mentor and guide others

  • Excellent presentation skills

  • Experience with Windows Operating system and MS Office 365 programs

Site Environment

Hired's Brooklyn Park office is located off of Boone Ave and provides convenient access to public transportation via bus line. The position that the Member would hold does not require the use of a personal vehicle for travel.

How to Apply

Apply online at my.americorps.gov and click on “Apply to Serve” (be sure to search for the “Community Technology Empowerment Project” or “CTEP” when asked to indicate what program you would like to send your application to).  Contact: Lizzie Hutchins, hutchins@spnn.org, 651.298.8919.

We are committed to recruiting and engaging individuals without regard to disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.  Reasonable accommodations will be made upon request.  Alternative formats of this document are also available.