Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives too for Officer Chauntè Ford

The story about a Black woman police officer. 

Blog and Video by Jiccarra N. Hollman, SPNN Member

Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter too for Officer Chauntè Ford. As the First Black Female Officer in her department, Chauntè Ford represents the marrying of the two crossroads, black, female and a police officer amidst a civil unrest where a black man is murdered by a man in arms. 

She represents accountability, resilience, and life after these two worlds collide hard, with a POWERFUL force. With the community on her shoulders and dressed in her uniform, Chauntè rises to the calling each and every day representing black excellence with passion for building up our youth, creating a positive change with relationships between officers and the black community as well as mental health awareness. Officer Ford is a prime example of a stand-up officer with a passion for black and brown lives, community and Living On Purpose.

 This week is the jury selection for the trial of Derek Chauvin, the officer that held his knee on the neck of George Floyd for 8:46 in time. This is the first event of the marathon to follow and as an officer Ford will show up everyday to protect and serve. Everyday Ford will proudly show that as an officer she wants change and the only way for change to be made is to show up.

Hear Officer Chauntè's story.