Our Youth Interns build photography, storytelling, audio, and video in our project based learning environment. SPNN’s Youth Program interns explored a variety of media-making mediums this fall-winter season. Beginning in late October, interns worked on their writing and storytelling skills. Youth members then learned how to use audio-recording equipment and editing programs to produce a short audio-story. Interns developed Photoshop and Lightroom skills to make posters and edit photos. Students also learned photography skills and lighting techniques. To wrap up the season, the youth showcased their final portraits and celebrated their hard work. The 2023 year will be focused on filmmaking, digital illustration/graphic design and animation.

Throughout the season, students also worked independently during SPNN’s Createch drop-in hours on individual passion projects. Projects in progress include a vlog-series, a podcast, and a music album, just to name a few. Look forward to more of their work this 2023!

Youth Program Interns' Portfolios

Learn more about our 2022-23 youth interns and see/hear the work they are creating. 

  • a photo of Bennie with their arm raised in a body builder pose.


    Hey there!! My name is Bennie. I'm a photographer and musician. In my portfolio I have my photos on display as well as a sample of one of my upcoming songs. 


  • a photo of Heaven in a black top with her hand raised in a peace sign.


    I am a junior in highschool and challenge myself to go out of my comfort zone. I am interested in directing and being on the radio one day. Two words that describe me are: organized and entrepreneur. 


  • a photo of Izzy with a gray background.


    My name is Izzy and I first got into photography by taking pictures of my family. I want to do more photography, editing, and journalism! 

    Portfolio coming soon. 

  • a close up of Nalie while in a car


    This year of working with SPNN has been great, I was able to expand my knowledge and understanding about cameras and editing. Some of my hobbies are watching movies/shows, listening to music, and playing volleyball. I can watch movies/shows all day, a show I really enjoyed is Outer Banks. Some artists I really enjoy are Rocco, Brent Faiyaz, SZA, and Lana Del Rey. Overall, I hope to grow and branch out to new activities and hobbies. 


  • a photo of a fox behind a tree


    My name is Olivia. My favorite animal is the red fox. My interests are doing interviews for podcasts and animation. I got into film because of my broadcast journalism class.