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SPNN Youth

SPNN Youth provides young people with the opportunity to create community media with a lasting impact. Through our fun and engaging programs, youth develop skills in media production, critical thinking, and community awareness.

We are a place for creative exploration and diverse voices, for artistic vision and award-winning quality. As an alternative to mainstream media, we work to increase youth media visibility on our channels, on the web, and in the community. We believe in the power of youth media to stimulate dialogue and create social change!

Our Programs

We provide a number of amazing programs and opportunities for youth, as well as ways for parents, schools, and community organizations to get involved.


Started by a group of high school students in the year 2000, Set It Up is a teen-produced television show and after-school program at SPNN. It's a creative and experimental space where youth can produce different forms of media, including music production, photography, and animation. Set It Up is a program for high-school students to talk with one another and explore issues that are important to them. It's a great way to get to know new people and learn a new skill set, too! 

Createch SPNN is an open, drop-in lab where staff and mentors support youth in producing their own independent media projects. Our media lab is open during the school year for youth to work on any media project they can dream up, and offers access to a wide range of video, photo, and music equipment and software. We welcome youth of all ages and skill levels! Createch SPNN is part of the larger Createch initiative, which provides creative spaces and opportunities for youth at sites around Saint Paul.


The Youth Action Committee (YAC) is a diverse group of youth leaders who are either active members or alumni of youth media programs at SPNN. They work to ensure a youth voice at SPNN. 

The Youth Intern Program (YIP) is an intensive summer internship where youth learn media production skills and produce documentary videos. This is a paid opportunity open to high school students entering 9th though 12th grade who are accepted into Saint Paul's Right Track program. In partnership with three community organizations, interns collaborate to make meaningful media about community issues. 

SPNN Youth