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#211 Anti-GLBT Initiatives: Developing Resilience (pt 1)(filmed 2012.03)

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In this episode we offer examples of resilience, of overcoming and of courage in surmounting the widespread discrimination against GLBT peoples. Dr Margaret Charmoli and Dr Anita Kozan review past guests that we've interviewed on Bi Cities and discuss the challenges faced and adversity overcome. In 2012 that discrimination is being displayed even more so across the state of MN because of the constitutional marriage amendment on the ballot this November 2012. By codifying same-sex marriage in the MN Constitution we are sanctifying widespread GLBT discrimination. We are working together with the Minnesota Psychological Association's 'Marriage Equality Task Force' to bring light to the sanctioned discrimination & harm that will be etched into the 'stone' of the MN Constitution if this passes. We want to show you the love & light of several people we've met and interviewed on our show, how they have overcome this fear & hate, and created a better life for themselves, their community and a safer world. Vote 'NO' on the Marriage Amendment this November 2012 in Minnesota.

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