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#194 Elizabeth Jarret Andrew: author & bisexual spiritual writer (filmed 2011.06)

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BiCities is a show by, for and about the bisexual community and their friends & allies. BiCities is a talk show discussion with members of the GLBTQA community locally, nationally and worldwide since 2002. Episode #194 - Taped 2011/06 at SPNN Studios in St Paul MN Host/Producer: Dr. Marge Charmoli, Co-Host/Producer: Dr. Anita Kozan In this episode we interview: Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew - an author, writing instructor and spiritual director. Listen to her story as we discuss with her the process of her coming to terms with her bisexuality and coming out through her faith, beliefs and spirituality. Elizabeth discusses how she has come to be through her one can live a fuller, more meaningful life though their own thoughts and words. She talks about three of the five books she's written: "Swinging on the Garden Gate" - A Spiritual Memoir "Writing the Sacred Journey" - The Art and Practice of Spiritual Memoir "On the Theshold" - Home, Hardwood and Holiness You can purchase her books through her website below. Also check out the Religious Archives Network LGBT-RAN Links mentioned in the show: Find us on Facebook with the keyword: BiCities Follow us on Twitter: @BiCities Email us at:

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