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#184 GenderF*kation - Chirs Durant, Tiffany Roberts & Donavan Harmel (filmed 2011.01)

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BiCities is a show by, for and about the bisexual community and their friends & allies. BiCities is a talk show discussion with members of the GLBTQA community locally and worldwide since 2002. Episode #184- Taped 2011/01 Host/Producer: Dr. Marge Charmoli, Co-Host/Producer: Dr. Anita Kozan In this episode we are joined by three of the producers of GenderF*kation; Chris Durant, Tiffany Roberts, and Donovan Harmel. Genderf*kation is a documentary about the transgender community. Interviews with a wide veriety of members of the community, their friends, families, and allys give an excellent picture of the transgender experience. Chris, Tiffany and Donovan talk to us about the background of the show and how they got involved in the community and the making of GenderF*kation. Links mentioned in the show: Genderfukation Advocate Article

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