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#183 Becky Saltzman - Creating Change Bi Institution (filmed 2010.12)

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BiCities is a show by, for and about the bisexual community and their friends & allies. BiCities is a talk show discussion with members of the GLBTQA community locally and worldwide since 2002. Episode #183- Taped 2010/12 Host/Producer: Dr. Marge Charmoli In this episode we are joined by Becky Saltzman to talk about the Bi Institute at the 23rd anual Creating Change Conference. Creating Change will take place at Hilton Minneapolis, February 2-6, 2011. Thursday February 3rd will be the Bi Institute. An Institute is a full day event based on a specific topic, an intensive workshop and organizing set upto cover a variety of topics based on your overall theme of your institute. Creating Change is the largest LGBT conference in America. The Twin Cities hosted the conference in 1990, the only other city in the country to have had this conference more than once is Washington DC. The conference expecgts to draw between 2500 and 3000 people from around the world. At Creating Change you will find 250 workshops, planary sessions, key note speakers, networking opportunities, 2 days worth of Institutes (mini-conferences), discussion groups, and events. Whether you are just coming ou tand are trying to change yourself or are looking to make a change in the larger community this conference will have something for you. Creating Change is sponsored by the National Task Force, the political power organization behind the GLBT community. If you are interested in attending or volunteering or would like more information on Creating Change fill out the registration form or volunteer form at the Creating Change Website . Volunteers earn the opportunity to attend the day for free. Links mentioned in the show:Creating ChangeBi NetBOP - Bisexual Organizing ProjectBECAUSE Conference

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