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#176 Kevin Xion & Chong Moua - Shades of Yellow (filmed 2010.09)

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BiCities is a show by, for and about the bisexual community and their friends & allies. BiCities is a talk show discussion with members of the GLBTQA community locally and worldwide since 2002. Episode #176 - Taped 2009/06 Host/Producer: Dr. Marge Charmoli, Co-Host/Producer: Dr. Anita Kozan In this episode BiCities begins our 9th year as we talk with Kevin Xiong, Executive Director and Chong Moua, Program Manger about the Hmong organization Shades of Yellow (SOY), which is based in St Paul, MN. The Hmong people helped and supported the U.S. in Laos during the Vietnam war and St Paul, MN has become one of the largest & fastest growing Hmong communities in the U.S. SOY began in 2003 as a social organization for LGBT youth to get together and discuss issues affecting them in the community, especially because Homosexuality, Bisexuality and Transsexuality are taboo in the Hmong culture. In 2008 SOY incorporated as non-profit in 2008 and now provides Hmong LGBT people w/ a regional support network in the upper midwest. Chong Moua talks about how she reconciled her faith in Hmong Shamanism along w/ her background in Christianity and her homosexuality. Kevin Xiong is also the co-chair of Creating Change conference in Minneapolis, MN - February 2-6, 2010. Shades of Yellow 379 University Ave W St Paul MN 55103 Phone: 651-309-0037 Links mentioned in the show:Shades of Yellowl Twin Cities Quorum - hosts of the Coming Out LuncheonCreating Change Conference

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