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#155 Janet Bystrom - RECLAIM!

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BiCities is a show by, for and about the bisexual community and their friends & allies. BiCities is a talk show discussion with members of the GLBTQA community locally and worldwide since 2002. Episode #155 - Taped 2009/08 Host/Producer: Dr. Marge Charmoli, Co-Host/Producer: Dr. Anita Kozan In this episode we talk with Janet Bystrom, founder of RECLAIM! with a background in youth work and street outreach. RECLAIM is a mental health support center for LGBT youth, located at 3217 Hennepin Ave S. in Minneapolis, MN servicing individuals aged 13-25 and their families. Services include Individual and Family Couceling, Gender Exploration Group, and an Integrative Health Clinic. Each counceling session starts out with the following statement: "Many people that you do not know and may never meet have given generously of themselves to make this support possible and they want you to know that you are beautiful just as you are so if you are ever feeling alone or unloved please remember this." Organizations mentioned in the show:RECLAIM!

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