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#141 Remembering Senator Alan Spear w/Jean-Nickolaus Tretter - part 1

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This is part 1 of Remembering Senator Alan Spear w/ Jean-Nickolaus Tretter. Historian Jean-Nickolaus Tretter from the Tretter Collections at the University of Minnesota Libraries. This collection houses over 30,000 items in a wide variety of media for GLBT Studies. Senator Alan Spear (1937-2008) was an openly gay senator from 1972 to 2000. He was senate president from 1993-2000. During his time in the senate he worked on the Judiciary Committee and the Crime Prevention Committee. Alan Spear was a professor of History at the UofM during while FREE (Fight Repression of Erotic Expression) the first gender expression group on the U of M campus. During his senatorial career Alan was a key player in getting the Anti-discrimination laws include Sexual Orientation.

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