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Start to Finish: How to Create Your Own Show

A 10-step plan to take your show from an idea to a fully-realized production

  1. Develop an idea.
  2. Gather a team of people or talk to us about getting volunteers to help.
  3. Take the Intro to SPNN Class 
  4. Pay for a SPNN membership
  5. Meet with the Access Staff for your free half hour consultation.
  6. Take the appropriate classes for your show needs.
  7. Reserve a camera or studio and shoot your show
  8. Reserve an edit suite to finish your show.
  9. Submit the show via SPNN’s server, DVD, upload it to our ftp site.  Remember to fill out the playback submission form.
  10. Find out when your program will air by searching the schedule
  11. Spread the word by telling all your friends and announce it on Facebook and other social media tools.