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Social Justice Issue Documentaries

Social Justice Issue Documentaries

  • Are you ready for this?

    There is a large gap between racially underrepresented students and white students in college and career readiness. How can all students leave high school college-ready?

  • Be The Change

    “Be the Change” is a short documentary about youth mentorship and a profile of Safe MN’s mentorship program, Be the Change. Interns from the Youth Intern Program speak to Alfonso Mayfield, the founder of Safe MN, as well as mentors and mentees that are a part of the organization, in order to gain insight into why mentorship is important, and what factors contribute to successful mentor/mentee relationships.

  • Black Love

    Following the shooting death of Philando Castile by a police officer on July 2016, four couples share their responses to the tragic event. Considering the conditions of what it means to be black in America, this documentary explores the concept of black love.

  • B.U.M. MN

    This documentary interviews and reveals the lives of B.U.M. (Black Unemployed Men) in Minnesota.

  • Courage of Principle

    A community-based organization involving private citizens, public officials and everyday people takes the courage to make the community better. It takes a village to make the conscious effort to deal with violence in the community.

  • Dreamers of MN

    Dreamers of Minnesota shows the impact that President Obama's executive action, DACA, has had on the lives of two young undocumented immigrants in the state of Minnesota and how this program helps the state's economy.

  • Happy Roots

    Happy Roots is a stunning visual antagonist to the Willie Lynch ideology that perpetuates a divide among African Americans based on complexion gradation and hair texture.

  • Immigrant Workers: A Benefit for Minnesota's Economy

    It is no secret that there is strong animosity towards immigrants in the U.S. However, the facts suggest that immigrants are a benefit. This documentary takes a look at how immigrants have positively impacted Minnesota's economy.

  • Into Freedom

    This documentary takes you inside of what it’s like for these men after being released from Jail/Prison and the struggles they face while trying to fit back into society.

  • Infinitivo: Navigating the path to citizenship

    Pathways to citizenship are not always straight. This documentary gives voice to the variety of paths and statuses of those documented and undocumented living in the U.S.

  • Islamophobia

    The Youth Intern Program is a summer internship for youth in Saint Paul to create a documentary that addresses a community issue. In the summer of 2017, one of our youth production groups partnered with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to produce a short documentary on Islamophobia. The youth interviewed an Imam at Al-Ihsan Islamic Center, two experts at CAIR, and a radio personality at KMOJ. The documentary teaches people about Islam then goes on to talk about diversity within the religion and what we can do to counter islamophobia.

  • A Jitney Goes to Market and Other Adventures in Urban Food Sourcing

    Healthy eating can be a challenge for anyone, but it's an especially difficult issue for low income individuals. This documentary explores both how urban food sourcing can help and challenges that remain.

  • Keep It In The Ground

    “Keep It In The Ground” is a short documentary about climate change. Pipelines fuel the industry that has the biggest impact on climate change and a new pipeline is being planned to be built here in Minnesota. Three youth producers from the Youth Intern Program explore what effects the new proposed pipeline, Line 3, would have on the communities surrounding the construction.

  • No Justice No Peace

    Police brutality is a systematic oppression that people in the United States and around the world face daily. Activists fight for the end of the oppression and for Justice for those murdered by law enforcement.

  • Outbreak

    The recent measles outbreak in the Somali community in the Twin Cities spurred finger pointing and heated debate over the efficacy of vaccinations.

  • Pain and Injustice: The Common Thread

    Effective change for justice and peace does not come from talking and writing social media statuses about the issue. Effective change comes from a collective of Higher consciousness individuals who put forth action to words to bring forth positive change.

  • Right to Know Minnesota

    With no movement on the national level regarding labeling gentically modified organisms, states have taken to doing the work themselves. SPNN Doc U participant Christine Huff produced this short documentary on the Minnesota movement of Right to Know.

  • Soldiers of Misfortune

    A look at the growing problem of terror recruitment among youth that explores why does it happen, what’s needed to stop it, and why every parent and community should be concerned with this issue.

  • Truncated Society

    An exposition of distinct cultures within society and how it affects views and creates bias.

  • Upward Bound

    Students of low income families are less likely to attend college than students of middle income or upper income families. SPNN Doc U participant Ntsuab Yang explores the Upward Bound program and what it has to offer.

  • Veterans Making the Transition Through College

    A documentary about military veterans making the transition from soldier to student and the challenges of financing their education through GI-Bills and adjusting as a non-traditional student among traditional students.

  • Voices for Racial Justice

    As part of the 2016 SPNN Youth Intern Program, a group of four youth collaborated with the Voices for Racial Justice organization to explore what they are doing to advance racial justice. The youth also spoke to teens faced with racism, youth activists, as well as adults that are taking a stand to stop racism.

  • Water Pollution

    The Youth Intern Program is a summer internship for youth in Saint Paul to create a documentary that addresses a community issue. In the summer of 2017, one of our youth production groups partnered with the Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy (CEED) to produce a short documentary on water pollution. The youth interviewed water quality scientists as well as a community activist to learn more about this issue. Their documentary explores how everything we do impacts our water and the ripple effect that pollution can have on our world.

  • We're Screwed

    In the wake of the largest recession since the Great Depression, recent college grads are finding it difficult to find jobs, gain independence and move into "adult hood". SPNN Doc U participant Erica Blanchard talks with recent grads to get their perspective.

  • Your Words Hurt

    This documentary allows us to understand why the r-word hurts by interviewing those directly impacted by its derogatory usage.

  • Youth Poverty

    The Youth Intern Program is a summer internship for youth in Saint Paul to create a documentary that addresses a community issue. In the summer of 2017, one of our youth production groups partnered with YouthPrise to produce a short documentary on youth poverty. They interviewed the staff at YouthPrise and learned that, in order for youth to thrive, they need to have their basic needs met. This led them to interview a variety of other programs that are working on addressing youth poverty, including Avenues for Homeless Youth, YouthPacks, and Eagle’s Canteen. The youth who created this documentary hope to teach people about the real challenges that youth in poverty face and what we can do to help.

  • Youth Pushing Forward

    “Youth Pushing Forward” is a short documentary about youth employment opportunities in the Twin Cities. Members of the Youth Intern Program interview members of Right Track, Cookie Cart, and Green Garden Bakery to explore the importance of positive employment experiences for youth.