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Personal Stories

  • Anyway

    A personal look into the lives of people who have suffered multiple brain injuries and how they rebuild themselves.

  • Babies and Book Bags

    Babies and Book Bags is a story with a boy and girl conversing about becoming young parents.


    Some things happen right before your eyes and you still don’t want to believe it. This film is about my mother’s battle with cancer and how I lost her in the blink of an eye.

  • Feelings of Inadequacy

    Real life stories of three accomplished, influential business mothers who strive to achieve excellence in their lives while toiling with the feeling of inadequacy.

  • The Gift of Life

    An expression of twenty-seven years of living with kidney failure, dialysis treatments and the urgent need for organ donors.

  • Here To There

    Memories and life lessons are recounted in this intimate documentary portrait that explores the connection between personal identity and the sensory experience of place, giving meaning to the act of traveling from Here to There.

  • Hope Awakens

    A message of hope that there is recovery from addiction.

  • ...I Love You, Too

    “…I Love You, Too” follows a non-Native father now estranged from his Ojibwe children. A modern Minnesota story of one man’s hope of reconciliation within a personal and historical context.

  • Inside So Strong

    A documentary about living with PTSD and the strength it takes inside to keep moving forward.

  • Our Own Hands

    Our Own Hands is a short documentary film that offers a glimpse into the lives of Chuck and M'liss Switzer, a couple whose 55 year marriage is punctuated by 20 years of abuse and 35 years of healing.

  • Raising Owen: A Genderqueer Love Story

    A sweet story of love, acceptance and raising a genderqueer child.

  • Say My Name

    This film is a narrative, an oral history of traditional naming practices in Liberia.

  • Shalita

    This film is about overcoming personal obstacles through perseverance, confidence and believing in oneself.

  • She is Spirited

    What happens when being a shaman starts and stops? What happens when the symptoms of PTSD and shamanism merge together?Sandy'Ci Moua details her unique journey to being... spirited.

  • Skin

    A personal documentary about loss, the memories we take with us, and the memories we leave behind.

  • Understand Your Man: A film for my brother

    Through her documentary, Sydney explores the suicide of her brother Chas and its intersections with the military and masculinity. 

  • Unearthed

    A man equipped with tools in hand and a love for history digs through the past to find long forgotten antiques.

  • With Robe and Bowl

    With warmth, humor and wisdom Sri Lankan Buddhist Monk, Bhante Sathi, shares stories of his journey and reflects upon facing challenges with compassion.