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Saint Paul Public Library - Rice Street

Partner AgencySaint Paul Public Library, Rice Street Branch
Location(s)1011 Rice Street, Saint Paul
Name of Site Supervisor and Title: Tati Terfa, Branch Manager

CTEP Program Description

The AmeriCorps Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) bridges the “digital divide” for new immigrants and low-income communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Join AmeriCorps CTEP and help make the information age accessible to all. CTEP is a project of Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN).

Site History and Mission

Saint Paul Public Library serves a diverse urban population of immigrants, refugees, and native born residents who come to public libraries for resume writing assistance, job-search skill building, technology assistance and classes, literacy resources, information searches, and media training.

Rice Street Branch, in St. Paul’s North End, serves many adults and youth with limited income and little technology access at home. In the last six months, the Electronic Classroom run by the CTEP member at Rice Street has served over 200 clients representing diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds (61% Black/African American, 28% Asian, 20% White, and 5% Hispanic or Latino, among other groups) and from a variety of neighborhoods (28 unique zip codes). Approximately half of these clients came to the library for job search training; the other half brought a diverse array of technology questions.

Preferred Site Schedule for Member

Daytime, weekday schedule. May include evenings or weekend hours depending upon CTEP member’s availability and library needs.

Members are also required to attend professional development days with their fellow CTEP members to enhance service-readiness skills, personal attributes in the workplace, and citizenship skills. These Corps days take place twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Fridays from 9 AM to 4 PM. Members also attend occasional statewide AmeriCorps events, such as the Martin Luther King Day celebration, and devote 75 hours per year to a group civic engagement project.

Site Specific Responsibilities

  • Run a daily Open Lab providing drop-in assistance with technology and job search questions to adults (40% or more of time)
  • Create curricula and resources for Open Lab; find resources and information for job searchers; identify and complete learning opportunities to improve member’s capacity to serve effectively in Open Lab (10% or more of time)
  • Track attendance data, demographics, and job search outcomes for Open Lab participants and administer standardized assessments of computer skills (Northstar Digital Literacy Tests) to assess effectiveness of site programming (5% of time)
  • Develop, advertise, and teach classes focusing on technology and job search needs and literacy (up to 20% of time in periods of high demand; demand fluctuates)
  • Recruit and train new volunteers, manage current volunteers (1% of time, ideally increasing as more volunteers are recruited)
  • Remaining time is taken up with capacity building projects. Projects vary depending upon the library’s needs and the CTEP member’s interests and skills, but may include:
    • Developing partnerships with community organizations
    • Developing new library programming for adults
    • Developing new teen programming or supporting existing teen programming
    • Improving library advertising and outreach

How to Apply

Apply online at and click on “Apply to Serve” (be sure to search for the “Community Technology Empowerment Project” or “CTEP” when asked to indicate what program you would like to send your application to). Contact: Joel Krogstad,, 651.556.1384

We are committed to recruiting and engaging individuals without regard to disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. Reasonable accommodations will be made upon request. Alternative formats of this document are also available.