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Studio Production Track

Studio Production Track
If you plan to produce your program using our mulit-camera studio you must take these classes. Examples: talk show, music or variety show,.

Access 105:Crew Class
Dates: call for dates and times
Cost: Free                
Instructor: Ed Sanders
The studio crew class explains the safety requirements of working in the large studio as a crew member. It also demonstrates studio equipment and explains basic terms. The crew class is a requirement before taking the studio production class. 

Access 205: Studio Director/Producer Class
Date: Call for dates and times
Cost: $50
Instructor: Pete Poire-Odegard

Learn how to use the studio for a production by producing a class project as part of a group.  Learn all the roles essential to producing a stellar studio production including camera, lighting, audio, graphics, switching and directing.  We will also go over the rules governing studio use. This is a four session workshop.