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Our doors are closed, but we're still here to help

March 26, 2020

Dear friends,

It’s been just two weeks since we made the tough decision to limit SPNN services due to Coronavirus, and less than that since we effectively closed our doors. In that time, we’ve helped TPT produce vital COVID-19 information in multiple languages, we just launched a Community Video Project to help build community even when we’re all stuck at home, and we’ve managed to move our entire CTEP crew online - they’re still serving their sites and having meetings as a cohort, all from the relative comfort of home. All that to say, we’re still here. And we’ll continue to be your home at home for community media for as long as we have to.

I am constantly humbled by the amazing team at SPNN, and these last two weeks have been no different. Our commitment to our community and our mission has not wavered and everyone just keeps pushing us forward from their kitchens or couches or front steps or wherever they can set up a laptop. For you, that means you still get access to as much as we can possibly offer despite less than ideal circumstances. Read on for more specifics and a request from me!

Here are some of the steps we’re taking right now to help our community work through this pandemic:

  • Send your video clips to to be featured in our Community Video Project! Prompts in the graphic.
  • We’re extending all existing memberships by 6 months and anyone who becomes a member between now and the end of April will be good for 18 months.
  • Email your video production tech questions to to get help from our talented staff.
  • We’re continuing to partner with TPT to get vital information to people who need it by producing multi-lingual episodes and video shorts.
  • We’re continuing to produce Your Legislators in partnership with Pioneer Public Television to give you a way to hear from legislators in uncertain times and get your questions answered live.
  • In the coming weeks you’ll see some SPNN tech tips on mobile video production, live streaming video, story construction, and other goodies to keep you creative while you’re at home.

That’s what we’re doing right now, but what do you need from us? What particular skills or resources do we have that you would find useful? Send me a note at and we’ll see what we can do. Know that like a lot of folks I’m splitting work time and parent time with my wife, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks, as always, for trusting us with your creative labor and for being a part of this amazing community. We’re still here, we’re just trying to figure out the next right thing along with everyone else. We hope to see you soon and in the mean time, stay home and wash your hands!