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SPNN Asks For Your Video Response to COVID-19

March 26, 2020

SPNN wants to hear from YOU! We are asking all of you to use the tools you have at home; phone, tablet, or camera to create content from one of the following prompts. If you need help in doing so you can connect with SPNN staff or watch our tech tips.

Once you have created your content please share it with us via email (, upload it to, or other file sharing software like WeTransfer (send it to We will compile the videos together to share on our channels and share them individually on our Social Media.


  1. How are you practicing wellness during quarantine? 
  2. What are your best tips for others?
  3. What is your and/or your family’s story of resilience?
  4. Who are the unsung heroes? Who in your life/community have you seen stop up and step into help others?