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VIVID: Asian-American Re-Written

January 2, 2020

written by Mai Thao and Tara Mercene, Macalester Students and SPNN Interns

VIVID: Asian-American Re-Written or just VIVID for short, is an up and coming film series that fuses personal narratives and abstract/experimental filmmaking together. This project aims to implicitly explore how the personal experiences of Asian Americans influences the creation of media, as well as how the process of media reflects the transforming society in representing Asian Americans.

We want to do this project because as Asian Americans we desire a space for our communities in media. This is a platform to highlight everyday complexities of the Asian American identity. One that is not glorified. One that is not romanticized. And one that breaks the idea a model minority. We want to remodel the model minority myth that is expected. We aim to address the issue of the model minority myth by showcasing a broad range of Asian American narratives. This model citizen Asian archetype takes away the impact of systematic racism which takes away the reality of the discrimination Asian Americans face. We want to fairly portray the people in our communities. 

To start VIVID, we created 2 pilots with our own personal narratives. We hope that by opening up about our own stories, it will inspire and encourage others to be transparent about their experiences as well. VIVID is not only about making media with personal narratives, but about building trust, understanding, and community. As we share our stories with each other, we become a shoulder for one another to lean on.

As individuals from our respective cultural diasporas, we have seen the impact of media representation on our communities, and thus want to create a representation that is true to self, and not distorted by a “white-lense”. As Asian Americans who aspire to be in the film industry, we care a lot about breaking the barriers of an industry that is majority male and white. At the same time we want to be what we wished we could’ve had when we were younger---powerful and prominent Asian American women in media.