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Making Media, Making Change 2019

November 13, 2019

Time has come around for another year of Making Media, Making Change at SPNN in collaboration with HECUA. The Fall 2019 cohort explores and amplifies their perspectives through film, and are asked what stories they wish to put out into the community. Through their stories, students are able to express themselves and note the changes that they want in the community through the use of the skills they learned in media creation.


Students have finished their first project and second project, Story of Self and Story of Now. Story of Self enabled students to explore their identities and reflect on themselves. They’re given the power to share who and what they represent. Jane, a sophomore at the University of Minnesota, took the opportunity to express her mental health diagnosis. She found that if it wasn’t for the program, she wouldn’t have made a video like this. 


“It’s such a close-knit class that I feel so close to everyone. We would talk about heavy issues every week and so I was like this is literally the only one situation that I would feel comfortable enough to share myself this much. It was almost like therapy. I would have never thought about myself this much before,” Jane stated.


Story of Now is where students draw on their own personal experiences and values to create a short film that tackles on an issue that they care about. The skills learned from the first project helped prepare students for future projects. With each project, the students will learn to define more of their editing and filming skills. Please watch and enjoy the videos below!


Story of Self 2019

Story of Now 2019