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SPROCKETS & YAC Media Workshop

July 15, 2019

We are thrilled to have been able to conduct a media making workshop with SPROCKETS! SPNN’s Youth Action Committee also known as (YAC) conducted the workshop at the Rondo Community Library. SPROCKETS is a network of various after school programs for youth with the mission of improving the quality, availability, equity, and effectiveness of out-of-school time learning for all youth in Saint Paul through committed, collaborative and innovative effort. Najma, Caleem, Imani, and Sage all helped conduct the workshop which consisted of filming and acting out storyboard narratives. The students explored the app FilmoraGo, a pretty powerful video editor tool for creating short videos with friends and family. The app is also compatible with either Apple or Android. At the end of the workshop, all of the students were able to showcase their short videos to the entire groups which created many laughs and smiles. The overall purpose of this workshop was to present some new approaches these youth students could use on their own as they continue their summer project of collecting valuable data on youth around the community. Thanks again for the YAC members and Connor Rohwer for conducting the workshop. If anyone is interested in joining YAC and being part of such great experiences please email Connor Rohwer at or call (651) 361-8152.