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Internship Application: Administration

About SPNN
SPNN improves community social, civic, and economic equity via the transformative art of media making and 21st century skill-building. Our mission is: to empower people to use media and communications to better lives, use authentic voice, and build common understanding. SPNN’s core areas—Adult and Youth media education, CTEP, and Production—help disadvantaged populations grow artistically, build confidence, and equip adult and young learners with the 21st century skills they need to be successful in the workforce or the growing makers economy. 

SPNN offers a continuum of opportunities for people to connect, build skills and share their stories to achieve greater equity and justice. Interns assist with administrative tasks like recruitment, marketing, social media, communications, profiling our CTEP members,  and other admin functions. 

Program Dates
SPNN takes interns in fall, spring and summer. 

Qualifications for Internship
You must be attending a higher education institution and receive credit for your time at SPNN. 

Use of data
• We may use the data to prepare required reports, conduct audits, and evaluation. 
• You are not required by law to provide this information. 


Part One: Applicant Information
Contact Info
Demographic information
Internship Details
Interests, Skills and Goals
Background Check Consent
Part Four: Participating Agreement
  • I state that I have read this application and it is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.
  • I agree to provide, if requested, documentation necessary to verify the information on this form and I authorize SPNN to verify the information provided if necessary.
  • I understand that the acceptance of an SPNN internship or volunteer position is my compliance to conform to the organization's policies and regulations.
  • I understand that this agreement can be terminated by SPNN staff or board at any time, if performance and communication become unsatisfactory.