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Our Space Is Spoken For - a video project about reclaiming space

March 28, 2019

Here at St. Paul Neighborhood Network, we love to highlight the great work of local media makers. One exciting example is "Our Space Is Spoken For," a documentary video project about artists and people of color coming together to reclaim space in the city of St. Paul. Here's more information about the project, and upcoming airings on both SPNN channel 19 and Minneapolis Telecommunications Network (MTN) channel 16.


Transforming public spaces into stages, Our Space Is Spoken For is a multidisciplinary public art storytelling project where community members and artists of color came together to reclaim space. An inaugural TCMA project, Our Space collected stories from communities of color across the city of St. Paul around the spaces in which we live, work and play.

Twelve local artists of color were then selected to work in teams of two to make the selected community stories, along with the community member, visible by using their craft in public art performances. The process to create the performances, and the performances themselves, were documented by film -- ultimately, preserving a creative record of life in our communities.

Catch "Our Space Is Spoken For" at the following times on SPNN channel 19 and MTN channel 16:

  1. Thursday (4/4) at 9:00 PM/Channel 19 (in St. Paul) and Channel 16 (in MPLS)

  2. Friday (4/5) at 7:00 PM/Channel 19 (in St. Paul) and Channel 16 (in MPLS)

  3. Saturday (4/6) at 5:00 PM/Channel 19 (in St. Paul) and Channel 16 (in MPLS)

  4. Sunday (4/7) at 7:00 PM/Channel 19 (in St. Paul) and Channel 16 (in MPLS)


Alia Jeraj – Multidisciplinary

Wisdom Young – Spoken Word

Community Storyteller: Lisa Kaste, North Side Saint Paul


Andrew Young – Theatre and Puppetry

Daliya Jokondo – Multidisciplinary

Community Storyteller: Narate Keys, East Side Saint Paul


Dameun Strange – Multidisciplinary

Sagirah Shahid – Multidisciplinary

Community Storyteller: Jonathan Stampley, Rondo


Khary Jackson – Multidisciplinary

Tish Jones – Spoken Word

Community Storyteller: David Lindsey, Rondo


Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra – Multidisciplinary

Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria – Spoken Word

Community Storyteller: Nautica Bojorquez, West Side Saint Paul


Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay – Multidisciplinary

Tori Hong – Visual Arts

Community Storyteller: Winston Tuan Nguyen, Frogtown

Twin Cities Media Alliance worked with Human Horizon Films to produce the inaugural Our Space documentary.