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Press Play on Change: Making Media, Making Change's Final Screening

December 14, 2018

Around 100 visitors arrived to SPNN on Thursday, December 6th, for Press Play on Change, a screening that showcased student films from Making Media, Making Change. MMMC is a class offered by the Higher Education Consortium of Urban Affairs (HECUA) in collaboration with SPNN. The nine students in this semester produced and screened 16 short films over the course of three projects about topics from high Black mortality rates in child birth to an LGBTQIA+ friendly biking event. 

The evening started with nine Story of Self films. Each student produced a small piece diving deeper into who they are. The evening started with Sam's piece portraying their love of biking. Next, Lem's piece showed his conflicting and tension-building identities as a business student and an artist. Tyler's piece showed his experience and drive as a hip hop artist. Then, Abby's short film was an artistic portrayal of anxiety. Henry's piece touched on the various emotions and identities that exist in himself beneath his jokester demeanor. Afterwards, Amy's film explained her family dynamics and how it has shaped her over-achieving tendencies. Jack's film was an artistic dive into his love of film and his personal struggles. Rajine's piece showcased her identity and passion for Black issues. Finally, Mohammed's film focused on the changing ways Somali food is eaten and how Somali identity is changing.

The evening then moved into a Micro-cinema break-out sessions where participants got to see a couple Story of Now films. The Story of Now is a dive into a current social issue that demands attention. Mohammed's film about Natives Against Heroine, a group working with the homeless encampments showed in the SPNN lobby alcove. Sam, Lem and Tyler's piece about stereotypes showed in the classroom. Rajine's piece about the high rates of Black mortality in child birth showed in the Youth Media Lab. Amy and Jack's piece about gender and Abby and Henry's film about the effects of sexual assault in partner intimacy showed in the studio. Viewers were able to have intimate conversations with the filmmakers about their topics and process.

The evening came to a close back in the studio with the Story of Us, which are client films students produced for a nonprofit. Three students produced a video about Women for Political Change, a group that inspires young women to get involved in politices. Another group produced a video about Cirque du SoGay, an event that invites the community to join them on a bike ride through the Twin Cities to visit various LGBTQIA+ friendly organizations and participate in fun activities. The last group produced a video about Climate Generation, a nonprofit that works to great community conversations and activities about climate change.

This screening was a celebration of the students' hard work and change-making media.