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Doc U Interview with Marji

October 22, 2018

Creating a documentary is challenging, to do so in 15 weeks and then share your work with the community can be frightening. Eleven new media makers did just that during our Doc U program this summer. Marji was one of those brave participants. She chose to tell a very personal story, hers. Marji has suffered several tramatic brain injuries, the first from a car accident, the next from attempted murder. Her story focuses on recovery and moving forward in her life, it is a story of hope. Marji joined Doc U because she wanted to share her story in a meaningful way. For her, the most exciting part of the program "was putting my vulnerabilities out there."

Learning cameras and editing is a challenge in the best of circumstances. Marji had more than her fair share of technical difficulties: from the normal technical issues that come from using a camera for the first time, to corrupt files on her external hard drive during the editing process. The last hard drive crash occurred just days before the project was due! She felt her biggest hurdle in the process was reconstructing what was lost after her hard drive crashed.

It takes a lot of resiliency to overcome obstacles. Marji found that what kept her going when the process became stressful was "the great support I received from the SPNN group." She said, “it was enthralling to be part of a group sharing their stories for the first time in front of families and friends.” While Marji has not committed to a new project yet, she is excited to announce that her documentary is being shared with brain injury specialists in St. Cloud.

You can watch Marji’s piece, “Anyways” here.