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Doc U Interview with Sean

October 15, 2018

Link to Seans Documentary here:


Why did you decide to participate in Doc U?

My Dean Rebecca Buller suggested that SPNN would be a great platform to start with for filming/editing growth.


What was the most challenging thing for you during the program?

The most challenging would be editing on a small laptop.


What was the most exciting thing you did?

The most exciting was the SPNN support team and teaching instructors. They all were humbling and always available if needed.


When creating your documentary became stressful, what made you keep going?

When I felt the stress, it helped me to save the project and exit out of the computer just to return with a refreshed mindset.


What was your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle would be making that first step as to the commentment to follow through with the DOC U program.


How did you feel at the screening, seeing your work with family, friends and community members?

Unfortunately I was not able to make the screening due to an appointment for another project.


Will you continue to create media? If so, do you already have your next project in mind?

I have several projects in mind and yes, I do plan to continue to grow with SPNN.