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Doc U Interview with Ava

October 10, 2018

Watch Ava's documentary here:


Why did you decide to participate in Doc U?

I am an enthusiast of documentaries that focus on interesting individuals and subcultures. Watching well made documentaries throughout the years made me want to “get in on the fun” and create some of my own. I was fortunate to come across the DocU program at the perfect time in my life.

What was the most challenging thing for you during the program?

Learning the editing software from scratch was a challenge, but I am glad I now have those skills!

What was the most exciting thing you did?

Submitting my documentary was a mix of feelings because I was proud of what I had accomplished, but I also was unsure if it had been perfected.  

When creating your documentary became stressful, what made you keep going?

The story of my subject’s life with chronic pain. Because of the gravity of her struggle, I knew I had to stay dedicated. I am satisfied with the end result- several people have approached me to tell me the story resonated with them because they have a loved one with chronic pain and were happy to see awareness spreading.

What was your biggest hurdle?

Managing the amount of footage and arranging it in a compelling way. I let my interview flow naturally so there were clips that made sense together even if they hadn’t happened chronologically.

How did you feel at the screening, seeing your work with family, friends and community members?

I was excited but nervous, during the screening I was still looking for things to improve.

Will you continue to create media? If so, do you already have your next project in mind?

Absolutely, I want to continue following interesting stories and there are a few grassroots movements that could be leads for future short docs.