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Creating My Story of Self

October 19, 2018

Creating my Story Of Self  by Rajine Williams

Creating my ‘Story Of Self’ creatively was easy, technically it was difficult. I myself am an artist and love to create things. I paint, I draw, I even dabbled in sculpture making with iron! I thought this was going to be a cakewalk, because I have basic camera knowledge, filmed and edited Youtube videos and I generally excel at anything that involves creativity. But boy was I wrong! The intro to the editing software and the cameras that we were using for this assignment at first was very daunting. The (instructional) packet alone had me shook. But I was okay still, I read through it and asked tons and tons of questions, I felt good about it. Then came the dreaded hard drive kerfuffle, I have no idea about how programming works and didn’t think about how it would translate onto a PC since it was programed for Mac computers (facepalm). I didn’t find that out until I got to class on ‘rough cut’ day and had nothing to show for the 4 hours I spent editing my 30 second clip (sigh). Fast Forward x3, I’m here to say it got better and I completed my film! Trial and error, asking questions, and many google searches later I finally got it. I’m not saying I'm an expert at Premiere Pro by any means but I’m approaching intermediate (maybe).

 The creative aspect was a slam dunk (in my opinion). This was the best part of this whole process to me. I based my film off of my very first art piece. I called it ‘Panther’ and to no surprise I called my first film ‘Panther’ as well. The art piece was very one dimensional and focused on the aspect of myself and my personality traits as to that of a big cat. I chose a panther specifically because they’re provocative and black. I piggybacked off the original and translated a more thought out aspect to it. It’s like a double entendre, maybe even a triple. To the viewer, they would just see the Black Panther Party nuances and the history behind it. As well as the climate were in with the fervor police brutality creates. But I am also wearing black because of the animal itself, traipsing about in the dark because they are nocturnal and hunt at night. As well as going back to my personality traits from the original piece. I enjoyed showing it and making it. It turned out to what I thought it would look like in my head, edgy and poetic.

Watching my classmates films was cool as well. To see what they came up with and decided to share was very vulnerable and a courageous thing to do. Every film was great and exhibited an interest, a feeling or something interesting about them.