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Doc U Film Interview with Abdi

October 1, 2018

Watch the Documentary Here: Outbreak

Why did you decide to participate in Doc U?
I participated in Doc U for the filmmaking experience. I felt as though if I wanted to become a better director and be able to put together a project, I would need the kind of environment that Doc U provided with their equipment, lessons and human resources to support my project.

What was the most challenging thing for you during the program?
One of the more challenging aspects for me in Doc U was the logistical planning with my interview subjects and coordinating their schedules with mine and with the availability of equipment.

What was the most exciting thing you did?
The most exciting thing I did was getting to work with my interview subjects who were all passionate about the topic and I hoped to capture their emotional connection to the subject at hand.

When creating your documentary became stressful, what made you keep going?
It was my cohort that kept me motivated the most. Seeing them put in the hours of editing and being shoulders to lean on gave me the resolve to push through to the finish line.

What was your biggest hurdle?
My biggest hurdle was boiling down an hour long interview to a minute long clip and being able to coordinate other clips together to be able to build a cohesive argument between my interviewees for this documentary.

How did you feel at the screening, seeing your work with family, friends and community members?
It was a rewarding feeling to have people attend our screening and give substantive feedback over the work that we created. I felt as though I finally was able to share my own perspective on something to its fullest by creating this project and being a part of this screening. 

Will you continue to create media? If so, do you already have your next project in mind?
I will definitely continue on with creating media in the future. I want to do more on the political partisan divide in the country and possibly given the resources cover the issues of our continued involvement in warfare abroad.


Thank you Abdi!