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CTEP Member Activities

In addition to your service, CTEP believe that your year should be about experiential education. As a CTEP Member you may additionally receive hours for engaging in any one of the  optional activities listed below. We hope that some or all of these activities will add texture to your understanding and knowledge of digital inclusion, social justice, social systems, deomcracy, civic engagement, and our society at large.

I.  Book Club for CTEP Members
II. Independent Service Hours
III. InterCorps Council
IV. Additional Trainings and Events
V.  Life After AmeriCorps

Book Club for CTEP Members

Enjoy reading, but too busy serving the community? Now you have a great excuse to sit down in your favorite chair with a cup of tea and read leisurely: the CTEP AmeriCorps Book Club!

Earn up to 10 training hours per month!  Here’s how:Read a book that relates to the themes of community, technology and the digital divide, tech manuals, educational theory, poverty, multiculturalism, civic engagement, working with the disability community, empowerment, or your host site.

Provide 3 paragraphs:
1) Give a brief summary of the main arguments of the books
2)  Explaining how the book directly relates to your AmeriCorps experience
3)  Explain why other CTEP AmeriCorps members should read the book (or why not!).

Post your paragraphs online at the CTEP Member’s Website, in forums, under Book Club, here!

It’s a great way to take responsibility for your professional development, and relax at the same time.  You could also use the book club forums to get others reading the book at the same time, or work at your own pace.

Remember that training is limited to 20% of your total hours, and there is a maximum of 10 book club hours, per member, per month.  This would include the time that you write your reflection.  Of course, you don’t have to finish the book in one month.  But, if book club will put you over the 20% mark, you won’t receive hours for it.  Plan ahead!

Please log these book hours all on one day on your timesheet, after you have completed your reflection.  This should fall on a day that you are not serving at your site, such as Saturday or Sunday.  That way it will not appear that you worked 17 hours in one day (10 hours book report + 7 hours at site), which would appear strange to a reviewer.
CTEP staff will review your reflection and let you know if it is unsufficient based on failing to answer the questions above or making enough of a direct connection to your service year.  We may ask you to resubmit your reflection, or not count the hours.  If you are unsure as to if a book sufficiently relates to your AmeriCorps experience, let CTEP staff know beforehand and we can help you decide.
Enjoy reading and growing!

Independent Service Hours

CTEP members may serve up to 25 hours annually for any independent service activity outside their site, with a maximum of 10 hours for any independent service site. For instance, you might volunteer for 10 hours at Feed My Starving Children, 10 Hours at the Humane Society, and 5 hours at Tree Trust for a total of 25 hours throughout the year. However, you could not volunteer 25 hours at Tree Trust alone. This also does not count towards the 75 hours a year that CTEP members serve in their group civic engagement project.  This should be spent volunteering at an organization that falls outside of any prohibited activities (for-profit organization, union, political organization, religious, etc.)

1. Email CTEP Staff an electronic copy of this completed form before you do independent service hours.

2. Written Reflection: Upon finishing the independent service hours, please write a reflection on the CTEP member site (, answering the following three questions: 1) who did you serve with 2) what did you do, and 3) why do you consider this civic engagement and what did you learn from the experience? Please post your reflection under the “Civic Engagement Reflections” Forum.

3. Timesheet: Once you have posted your reflection on the member site record the hours on your timesheet.  Record in this format: “Location Name” (Independent Service Hours). CTEP will review.

Add the contact information (Name, phone number, email address) for the volunteer coordinator or staff person of the organization that you volunteered for in the comments section of the timesheet.

InterCorps Council

The InterCorps Council of Minnesota (ICC) is a peer-led organization of AmeriCorps members, representing State, National, and VISTA programs throughout Minnesota. The vision of the InterCorps Council of Minnesota is to promote engagement, communication, collaboration, and education to empower AmeriCorps members and the Minnesota community.

Each year, two CTEP members are chosen to serve as representatives from the CTEP program. These members serve on one of the council's 5 committees, attend monthly meetings, and report on ICC activities, resources and events to the rest of the CTEP cohort. As part of the ICC, members enhance their service year, grow their professional development and leadership skills, and connect to the AmeriCorps community as a whole. 

InterCorps Councils:
-Connect and coordinate programs throughout the state
-Network, collaborate, and share resources
-Organize statewide activities and events (service projects)
-Serve as a forum to voice collective opinions and ideas to State Commissions, Program Directors, the Corporation for National and Community Service and others
-Advance leadership skills through workshops and facilitative experiences
-Promote an ethic of service
-Use newsletters and listservs to exchange ideas
-Are supported by State Commissions, the Corporation and national service programs

Be sure to subscribe to Public Spirit, the ICC's monthly newsletter!

Additional Trainings and Events

Throughout the year, you may come across events or trainings related to your AmeriCorps service year. You may receive training hours for attending these activities. Remember training may only account for 20% of your total hours. Please check with Lisa or Joel beforehand to ensure that hours can be received.

Life After AmeriCorps

CTEP members may request from CTEP staff to receive up to 10 service hours for efforts related to Life AmeriCorps.  Examples include:

  • Attending Career Fairs

  • Job Searching

  • Attending College Information Sessions

CTEP usually has a Corps day in the Spring where members will bring their resumes.  Members can receive up to 3 service hours for working on their resumes for this event.

Please check with CTEP Staff beforehand to ensure that hours can be received.