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Member Corps Day Trainings

We know that CTEP AmeriCorps members will have formative experiences at their sites during their year(s) of service, however we also believe fully in John Dewey’s adage that “We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.” For this reason CTEP Members attend “Corps Day” trainings twice a month held at our partner sites across the Twin Cities. We take these trainings seriously and want to ensure that AmeriCorps members receive the best possible professional development and opportunities to develop a community within the cohort. The Corps Day trainings provide thoughtful professional development in the areas of digital literacy instruction, public leadership, cross-cultural competency & social justice, and non-profit volunteer program management. Through these trainings we hope to leverage the agency and leadership of CTEP AmeriCorps members and in turn the people they serve.

Here is a very tentative list of trainings and topics that we will be covering this year. The reason this is tentative is that we often bring in outside experts and partner institutions that do not neccessarily plan a year in adance! This should give you an idea of what is next, but check the internal CTEP CommonGround site for agendas of upcoming Corps Days.

Members also participate in a year long group civic engagement project.