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Make Your Media have Impact!

Get the skills to create stories that have impact on the community. SPNN offers small class sizes and committed educators. We work with non-profits to create custom training sessions, educational facilities to provide digital labortories and in-depth training, and individuals to create media that engages the community. 

Young, old, or in-between SPNN has workshops in all aspects of pre-production, production, post-prodcution, marketing, and other specialty classes.

SPNN's goal is to provide you with the training you need to communicate using media technology. Members create media for distribution on our channels, our website and other media outlets.  We also provide special media programs for youth.  Please check out our schedule of upcoming classes. To register for our classes or find out more information about our classes email us or call us at 651.298.8908.

Unsure of what classes are right for you?  We'll help you decide.  Everyone must start with the Intro to SPNN Access the first Tuesday of each month.  To decide where to go from there look at the list below. For a full look at our certifications click here.

Event Coverage, Church Services, documentary and On Location shoots.

Multi-camera on location shoots.

Multi-camera talk shows.

Once you have taken the classes and created your show, you need market it so that the Saint Paul community knows when and where to watch it.  Take our marketing series to increase viewership.

  • To find out more about the opportunities for youth, look here: Youth Programming.
  • To get specific information on an aspect of production or equipment, look here: Tutorials 
  • To find manuals on some of the equipment you can reserve and use at SPNN, look here: Manuals
  • To find out which classes and workshops  are being offered, look here: Trainings and Workshops
  • And remember, if you're new to SPNN and want to learn how to produce your own media, you begin with our Introduction to SPNN: Access class, the first Tuesday of each month.

Check out our calendar for information and dates for this and for all of our opportunities to learn to make media.