left side has the SPNN logo the right side has the SPNN green background with Leadership Transition written in black letters

Hello SPNN community,

After six years at this incredible organization, I will be stepping down as executive director this summer. It has been an honor and a joy to be part of the dedicated team that empowers people to use media and communications to build common understanding – and to meet the students, storytellers and creatives that make our community better by sharing their authentic voices with us. 

I’m very proud of the work we’ve accomplished over the last six years, and I give our team and each of you the credit for how much impact we’ve had, from our documentary programs to our member services to our work with community members through CTEP. None of it would’ve been possible without your support. 

We’ve formed a search committee here at SPNN to find the next executive director, with the goal of hiring someone by June, and for there to be overlap with myself and the new person to allow for a smooth transition and onboarding process. The job description is officially live and can be viewed here.

I encourage you all to share the position with your networks and with anyone you think might be a good fit at SPNN. If you have any questions about the position, feel free to reach out to Roger Meyer at roger@mightyconsulting.org.