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  • And With Death he Chews the Fat

    SPNN Doc U participant Alauna Yust's documentary on magician Michael Savage.

  • Every Day I'm Truckin'

    Have you ever thought of owning a food truck? Four entrepreneurs discuss the challenges, victories and daily ins and outs of the business.

  • Everyday Peformance

    Through conversations with Minnesota artists, Everyday Performance interrogates the ambivalent performance of identity.

  • Giving Joy

    This intimate documentary examines the work, love, patience and joy that comprises the role of the caregiver.

  • Healing Together

    This documentary was made for people afraid of needles. It documents the history of acupuncture and introduces Community Acupuncture, a movement that makes this medicine accessible to millions.


    This documentary tackles the mental and physical game of the triathlon, a challenging sport that involves running, swimming and biking.

  • HipHop Doc

    This documentary takes you on a tour of the Twin Cities hip hop scene.

  • The Land of Ten Thousand Skates

    This documentary is a treasure trove of roller derby history in Minnesota, past present and future.

  • Monsters of Minneapolis

    This is a short, monster-themed film about the Twin Cities. It is meant to highlight what is both beautiful and horrendous about living here.

  • Test The Universe

    Some say our fate is predetermined. I say we can create our own realities using the principles of the “Universal Law of Attraction.”

  • What is HALAL

    From history, to culture, to production, to retail this documentary answers the question: What is halal?