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Production Services

The Community Productions Department

produces coverage of issues and events in St. Paul, and partners with non-profits, government agencies and community organizations to create unique programming for viewers in St. Paul. Our productions can be seen on Comcast Channel 19. Our programming is a mix of public affairs, current events, community events, sports and arts programs.


Our production decisions are guided by several things:

  • SPNN's mission to be reflective of and responsive to the community
  • your desire to create relevent and informative programming of many kinds
  • our desire to build relationships with the many organizations and communities of St. Paul
  • the feedback, ideas, and opportunities we receive from local viewers 


Partnering with non-profits, government agencies and community organizations allows us to create  professionally-produced media for broadcast or internal organizational use, at a significantly lower cost than commercial production facilities.


We have the capability to produce high-definition media. We have four Sony cameras, a mobile production van that allows for location shooting of multi-camera programs. We have a full complement of audio and lighting gear. Also, we have a large television studio available to use for studio multi-camera productions.

Is there an event you think we should know about?

We welcome your calls and mailings to alert us of events and opportunities in the community.
Contact Us:
Steve Brunsberg

David Zierott

Bianca Rhodes