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SPNN Board of Directors

SPNN is a non-profit community media center serving Saint Paul, MN and the Twin Cities metro area. Started in 1984 to provide public access services for cable television, SPNN now provides tools, technology, training and transmission for people and organizations who want to use media to connect with other communities.  

If you would like to serve on the SPNN Board of Directors, look over this position description and then contact Mao Vang, Governance Committee Chair. 

  • Executive Committee

    *Wesley Farrow President
    May 2017- 2020

    Mao Vang Vice President
    September 2016- 2019

    *Maureen Hartman Secretary

    Deirdre Hodgson Treasurer
    January 2014- 2020

    Diane Belknap At Large
    September 2016- 2019

  • SPNN Board

    Lue Vang
    July 2015- 2021

    Mollie O'Brien
    May 2018-2021

    Catherine Carle
    May 2018-2021

    Brittney Simmons
    May 2018-2021

    Megan Pick

    Tiffany Grandchamp

    Christopher Moore

    Sarah Reichling

  • Youth Board Members

    Youth Action Committee Members
    Imani Moore

    Bee Xiong

* City appointed directors. 

The Board of Directors usually meets the third Monday of every other month at 6PM at SPNN.

Looking for a copy of the minutes? Please e-mail Martin.