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CTEP Members Reflect on Digital Literacy

September 1, 2017

Every year we ask our CTEP AmeriCorps members to produce a digital story about their year.  This first-person narrative should shed some light on digital inclusion and/or a year of service in AmeriCorps. We ask members to choose one of the following: Tell their own story about something meaningful in their AmeriCorps year; Help one of their students tell their own story; Tell a story using an object; Reflect on their own service year and what they have learned about digital divides; Or, to show us a day in the life of CTEP AmeriCorps. As we embark on a brand new CTEP cohort for the 2017-2018 program year, we are happy to share with new CTEP members some of the lessons and beautiful moments from last year’s cohort.

Confidence & Connection
By Tess Chudzik, CTEP AmeriCorps member at Project for Pride in Living
The lessons I've learned from my CTEP year. “I want to say that technology opens up world, but it opens up ‘the’ world.”

Floating Cotton: What I Learned This Year
By Billy Thao, CTEP AmeriCorps Member at Hmong American Partnership
My digital mission moment reflects on a personal experience that led me to understand my responsibilities as a teacher with my digital and job class. 

Hoda's Story
By Jackie Cuellar, CTEP AmeriCorps Member at Adult Options in Education
Hoda Elbeltagi, a student who has made incredible strides improving her computer skills over a few short months, shares her story of what brought her to class and what she had gained from it.

The Five Stages of Helping Someone Recover a Forgotten Gmail Password
By Meredith Sturmer, CTEP AmeriCorps Member at the WorkForce Center in North Minneapolis
As a basic digital literacy instructor in the CTEP AmeriCorps program I realized just how much forgetting one's password can make people want to tear their hair out. I made this video to provide a light hearted look at helping someone recover their Gmail password, a journey uncannily similar to the five stages of grief.

Day In The Life: CTEP Member at Rice Street Library
By Htee Moo, CTEP AmeriCorps Member at Rice Street Library
This video tells an awesome story about a day in the life of a CTEP member at Rice Street Library.

Sam Ballis of JuiceMedia
By Lizzie Hutchins, CTEP AmeriCorps member at IFP-MN
For three years, JuiceMedia participant Sam Ballis has cultivated many skills as an animator, filmmaker, and collaborator.  This past spring, Sam completed a short animation, New Frontier, which won Best Animation at the 2017 EDU Film Fest.  She has also thrived with creating films for various professional and paid opportunities.

You Have to Know
Audio Piece by Camilla Dreasher, CTEP AmeriCorps member at PCs for People
My mission moment reflects on an experience I had working with a client at PCs for People.  My experience with her taught me how complicated something as simple as downloading a song can be, and how important digital literacy is for everyone.