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Stories of Self

October 17, 2017

Sometimes the hardest story to tell is your own. This is something our Making Media, Making Change (MMMC) students found out over the last month.  After several weeks of class, MMMC students completed their "Story of Self", which for some was their first film. The projects ranged in style, creating an inspiring mix within the class. Each student had the opportunity to explore their life experiences from a different angle, and show the class how they came to be the person they are today. 

MMMC is a classroom collaboration between SPNN and HECUA aimed at helping students in local colleges and universities learn to use technology to effectively tell stories through a culmination of three video projects. This semester, the 16-week class is made up of 10 students. Since most of the classes take place at SPNN or other arts organization students are able to soak in the fresh creative activity of the area and use it to create engaging films about themselves and others.  We're looking forward to their stories of now!