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Community Media Day

October 19, 2017

by Martin Ludden

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects several of our foundational freedoms: religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. One of our many jobs in community media is to provide the platform and the resources to enable people to exercise some their First Amendment rights. Our work brings church services to those who can’t attend in person, allows anyone in our community to speak their mind in a public forum, and leverages the power of video technology in the hands of citizen journalists. 
In addition to providing those services to our community, we must continue to be vocal supporters of those same rights. It’s not enough to provide the platform and the resources if we’re not also protecting the right of all people to speak their minds.
This is not an easy charge. Everyone means everyone. The Bill of Rights doesn’t protect just the speech we agree with, it protects all of it. At its best, community media can provide a platform not just for speech but for conversation. In conversation there is understanding and where there is more understanding there is less hate.
So as we observe Free Speech Week, and in honor of Community Media Day, we are proud to promote conversation and understanding so that we can leave this place a little better than we found it.