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Making Media, Making Change

Fall of 2013 HECUA instructors approached SPNN staff to provide the digital lab to an amazing class called Making Media, Making Change:Digital Technologies, Storytelling, Activisim. This eight credit course is grounded in the belief that storytelling and art are powerful vehicles through which to change the world. In Spring of 2014 HECUA along with SPNN offered the first class of MMMC. 

Stories are increasingly transmitted through Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Television producers have control over some of the most powerful narratives of our time. Youth in this country spend more than 53 hours a week on average with entertainment media, more than any other activity but sleeping. The rise of digital technologies is simultaneously consolidating power and exacerbating the hegemony of ideas and unleashing incredible opportunites for creativity, collaboration, and activism.

MMMC and SPNN share the mission of giving a platform to those who don't traditionally have it, in this case young adults. Students are asked to reflect on how digital technologies impact sense of self, the communities, and capacity to create and sustain meaningful change. The program will also equip students with the skills needed to be a competent creator of digital art and digital media for the purposes of creating change.

Credits transfer into your home institution . To find out more about this class and registration visit the Making Media, Making Change website.

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MMMC Story of Self Fall 2018

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