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Saint Paul Elections

All seven Saint Paul City Council seats are up for election this year as well as four St. Paul School Board seats. SPNN will be recording and sharing back debates and candidate forums. 

If you need to figure out where to vote visit the State of MN Poll finder

MINNPOST has a short bio of each of the school board candidates here. You can also watch the School Board Candidate Forum from September 11 below. 

SPNN will be at the City Council debates listed below. Videos will be posted on this page as soon as possible after the debate.

October 17   ---  Ward 1   at the Hallie Q Brown Center  7-8:30 

October 23  -- Ward 6 at Arlington Hills Community Center  7-8:30

October 1 -- Ward 3 at Highland Park Community Center   7-8:30

October 3 -- Ward 4  at   SPNN  7-8:30

October 8 ---   Ward 7 at Sunray Library    6-7:30

October 8  -- Saint Paul Strong Candidate Forums - 7:00 pm, SPNN Studio 

October 9  -- Saint Paul Strong Candidate Forums - 7:00 pm, SPNN Studio

October 10 ---  Ward 5 at Washington Magnet 7-8:30  

October 15 --- Ward 2 at Villa del Sol Community Room  7:15-8:45


Candidate Forums

  • September 11 School Board Candidate Forum

    Hosted by the University of Saint Thomas, this forum was organized by the Union Park Community Council, with partners the League of Women Voters Saint Paul.

  • Ward 3 City Council Forum

    Held at the Highland Park Community Center, and organized by the League of Women Voters St. Paul, this forum features the candidates for the city's Ward 3 seat.

  • Ward 4 Housing Forum

    Hear Ward 4 City Council candidates Mitra Jalali Nelson for City Council, Tarrence Robertson-Bayless; Your Choice for a Progressive Voice - Ward 4 and Chris Holbrook 4W4 ideas for housing issues in Saint Paul!

  • Ward 4 Forum

    Held at SPNN Studio, and organized by the League of Women Voters Saint Paul, and Fairvote Minnesota, the forum features the three candidates for the city's ward 4 race.

  • Saint Paul Strong Forum Wards 1-4.

    This City Council candidate forum includes an issues conversation with candidates from wards 1, 2, 3, and 4.

  • Ward 7 Candidate Forum

    Organized by the league of Women Voters Saint Paul, this forum features two candidates for the Ward 7 race. Held at Sun Ray Library.

  • Saint Paul STRONG Candidate Forum Ward 5-7

    This Saint Paul City Council Candidate Forum was organized by Saint Paul Strong, and as the second of two, features conversations with candidates from wards 5, 6, & 7

  • Ward 5 Candidate Forum

    This City Council Candidate Forum, held at Washington Magnet High School, was presented by the League of Women Voters Saint Paul, along with Fair Vote MN, the North End Neighborhood Organization, Payne Phalen Community Council, Como Park District Council, and the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers.

  • Ward 2 Candidate Forum

    This candidate forum, for Saint Paul's City Council Ward 2 seat, was organized by the League of Women Voters Saint Paul, in partnership with Cherokee Park United Church.